It came up with crank position sensor fault so I replaced it it then come up with timing Chane fault so I replaced the timing chain and now it is coming up with throttle body fault but it seems fine it's like the computer is bad and making the car run really bad why might this be ?? It happens all the time and doesn't go away

Driving in the rain and ABS and anti-skid light came on. Cruise control will not come on

ithas been running a little hotter than normal. changed t/stat 6 m0. ago it helped for a time but doing it again. dont want to take any long rides till resolved

subsides little when driving. No trouble shifting (auto trans) , no leaks. Any ideas of what it could be. A/C also died. Could they be related?

I bought this vihicle brand new and have only owned it for a year and 3 months. My lights come on and the key remote works, nothing was left on for it not to start. It makes a click when I turn the car over but nothing else happens. Please help

I checked out other 2014 Jeep Patriots and their transmissions purr, mine sounds very noisy. This started a few weeks ago, at about 25K miles.

standard trans is junk. ihave an automatic what do i need to do

How heavy of a trailer can my jeep tow?

Where is the fuse box on my 2007 Jeep patriot?

Every time I shut off the car and exit, i hear a faint clicking noise. what is it?

After starting car and shifting car to drive, attempts at accelerating wont happen. Gas pedal touches floor.

When giving it gas it acts like it is very hesitant...upon gear change. Is it trans related .

I just need the lights off before I get an inspection

Filled reservoir bled systen got pressure to clutch pedal but clutch will mot rngage any gears what do i do mext

need to replace front brakes looking at estimated cost

Been driving manual trans for over 50 yrs.

My ac is sporadically blowing hot/cold air. Also, I will have it turned on high and it goes from blowing full blast to no air coming out of vents. I can turn it off then back on and sometimes that Kickstarts it. Other times I have to leave it off for a few minutes and then turn it back on.

I am removing the alternator. I have no diagragm in the users manual for the serpentine belt and Haynes and Chilton don't make a book for my car.

5 spd manual. Making noise like no oil in transmission. How to check & add oil to transmission

Transmission doesn't shift into second gear. Will only go about 8 mph

Transmission wont shift from first to second gear

It was difficult to place it in Park and the throttle light came on.

TIMING CHAIN and pulleys

Bearings replaced in april. same day messed up. replaced rod and bearings. two weeks later replaced bearings again.
two weeks later replaced hub, spindle with bearings. One month later bearing bad again. Shop thinks a problem in Transmissiom causing it.

2010 Patriot 2 Wheel Drive 2.0 L 4 Valve w/ CVT 102000 mi.
After I changed my oil, the ETC light began flashing and the ESC light came on and stayed on. The RPM's responded to the accelerator but the car wouldn't actually accelerate. Did some digging through the web, and I found out that my vehicle had put itself in "limp mode". I figured it was a somewhat common throttle body issue. I checked the throttle and then plugged everything back in AND... still in limp mode.
Had it towed to a dealership service center and they tell me that my PCM is bad and will cost $1200 to replace. I'm worried that they are curing a symptom and not addressing the actual problem... How would I know?

Loud Clicking and popping from my front suspension. It starts when I first take off and then stops after 5 mins. We just moved to a area that has a lot of speed bumps. So the sound started after a few weeks.Suspension seems to be working but when I go over a speed bump or pothole and hit the breaks at the same time it feels like I am hydroplane, like the breaks lock up. Breaks are new and have been checked already with no concern.

got stuck in ice storm, and now traction control light stays on, and my steering feels funny and my tires squeal when turning even at low speeds.

Jeep is a 2.0 6 speed automatic.
Replaced trans twice reprogrammed it . Had it flash . If I could post a video of what it is doing I would . This happens 3rd 4th 5th 6th gear .