It came up with crank position sensor fault so I replaced it it then come up with timing Chane fault so I replaced the timing chain and now it is coming up with throttle body fault but it seems fine it's like the computer is bad and making the car run really bad why might this be ?? It happens all the time and doesn't go away

How heavy of a trailer can my jeep tow?

Where is the fuse box on my 2007 Jeep patriot?

Every time I shut off the car and exit, i hear a faint clicking noise. what is it?

Loud Clicking and popping from my front suspension. It starts when I first take off and then stops after 5 mins. We just moved to a area that has a lot of speed bumps. So the sound started after a few weeks.Suspension seems to be working but when I go over a speed bump or pothole and hit the breaks at the same time it feels like I am hydroplane, like the breaks lock up. Breaks are new and have been checked already with no concern.

Replaced PCM 6 months ago. Replaced air filter recently. Shaking only occurs when stopped at lights or stops otherwise runs fine.

no engine codes. the lights will shut off then come back on

The airbag warning light started intermittently flashing and chiming. There was no other problem with the vehicle. The dealer ship analyzed it for an hour and said that the clock spring needed to be replaced. It took another hour to install it. Total cost: $614. I saw on-line that Chrysler may have extended the factory warranty on this part but I can't confirm it.