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#5 intake valve seat dropped and held open the intake valve
Hi,my check engine lights keep coming on and off the last two weeks,it came back on right before going for inspection, and it did not pass,showing these codes, P0132,P0300,and P0302,what could be the problem and why w...
It's very pronounced and rhythmic and can be heard at all speeds. The slower I go, the slower the rhythm. As I accelerate, it goes faster. I'm not sure if it's my suspension, joints or alignment.
We drove the car on 4-wheel drive for about an hour due to freezing roads, after which there is an ongoing burning smell like rubber or natural gas smell that doesn't go away. When I started the car again, the electro...
My driver side window will not roll down automatically when I press the window button. All other windows automatically roll down fine. I have made no attempts to try and force it down either.
ever since I had new tires placed on all 4 wheels, the squeek and squeel on my brakes is worse when I back out in rear, and they smell burnt?
Bit when you drive it the miss gets worse as u go. I put it on a computer it said missfire on cynder six. And ign coil b secondary CKT . WHAT do I DO FIRST?
I have read over the "Jeep Liberty Power Window Motor May Fail Due to Regulator Assembly" problem page. It states that the regulator fails in the 2002-2012 models. However, I noticed (on multiple forums) that the comp...