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My speedometer at 50 goes up ans down moving the hole time dring 0 to 50 back 0 to 50 the hole driving it
for the passed months or so , my jeep has been having this issue ... it goes on for weeks it'll go away and come back again , jeep is in park i press the gas let it go and it'll spudder like it's bout to turn off ... ...
starter and battery check good. engine start wi
this morning out of nowhere she started jumping and then wouldn't go over 10mph i pulled over shut it off and it rode good for a minute and then the problem began again i got to a gas station and then she wouldn't go ...
Recently got a second hand 2005 Jeep Liberty Sport. Everything worked fine till I did my first oil/oil filter replacement. Later learnt that wrong filter caused the problem. Now, I have replaced the filter with a Moto...
Transmission check up and filter rear axil service cooling system flush radiator flush change upper ad lower hoses and belt
The Lower control arm bushing at the spring perch is out of round and causing suspension sag and tire rub. Nobody seems to be able to replace this bushing. I may need to replace the whole lower control arm.
They say three and a half hours labor and they are working on other cars at the same time.
2005 jeep liberty won't turn over, my mechanic used a hot relay and said starter turned over, thinks it ignition
Dealer stated the Catalytic Converter need to be replaced but the work order does not say anything about the O2 sensors. The cost of the repair is $1675, but will this solve the real problem