Factory door lock remote works on and off. Some times it works and at times it doesn't including alarm system.

my 2005 jeep liberty anti thief system will not let my remote key start my jeep

heads have been pulled & checked at machine shop. pulled #1 piston, replaced rings on that piston. after installation runs 15 minutes then loses all compression on that cylinder. HELP!!!!!!!!

applying brakes
steering wheel shimmies left to right
New pads and tires

Won't turn over , seems to be locked

I had my transmission rebuilt in November. Since then it has had to go back 5 or 6 times due to small leaks forming that increase over time. They are a reputable place and last time they had it was for 5 days. Now about two months later leaking again. Why is this happening and how should I handle the trans shop.? They keep fixing it but I can't keep doing this forever. I've come to the point of frustration where I honestly feel like I could have to take legal action. I just don't know what to do. Help!

vehichle only has 63k mi. on it. Noted this past mild winter still ate anti freeze, heater would not heat. Checked fuses for fan, backflushed, and jeep ran ok for the next day until late in afternoon. Suddenly jeep idled rough. No visible leakage. Antifreeze devoured again. This engine lite and rough idle became a problem approx. 1 day after backflush. Save me.

We put new plugs, the check engine light came on the next morning...threw the cylinder 5 code, replaced the coil (nothing), replaced the fuel injector (nothing), replaced the pcm (nothing), we also replaced the asd relay...we can't figure it out! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Which fuse i can check

Anyone have this problem?

What sensor do I replace? I have a 2005 Jeep liberty turbo diesel

different ways to describe each of the two? There is one described as having one connector on each side (T151208), the other two connectors each side (T151217) - do these refer to a fluid connector? The parts are also described as having a 3 wire plug connector on left side (52850696AB), or a 4 wire plug connector on left side (4810426AA) - how do the 1/2 connector assemblies relate to the 3/4 wire plug assemblies? I think I only see 3 wire plugs on the left, and I also see 2 connectors on the left that appear to be for fluid. I have difficulty seeing anything on the right as the transmission is still on the vehicle. I would like to order the part, without taking the old transmission off, but need to be sure I have the correct one - the Jeep dealer repair said tag ID part 5143971AA which corresponds to a one connector each side, but I definitely see two on the left, so I think he's wrong. I need to make sure I get the correct one.