My 2004 Jeep Liberty goes in reverse but only goes about a foot in drive and the back tires lock up. No one knows whats wrong or how to fix the problem. Death trap! I almost got killed!

I have a 04 jeep liberty 3.7 liter 2wd and I was wondering if it can be switched to a 4wd same engine

would like to by pass the compressor and get the jeep liberty to run again

I Replaced the bulb, checked the fuses, I discovered there is no power to brake light lens assembly.

Backup light and turn signal work fine..

Can light assembly be bad and how do I check it to be certain?

I have tried a few ways to reattach it but it just falls and rests on muffler making a rattling noise. a few people said I don't need it and to just remove it.. Safe?

Also when you turn off car engine keeps running

My oil smells when the engine gets hot. I was told seeping hose, what hose could they be talking about?

When driving it suddenly seems like its in nuetral and wont move ,but if i turn it off & back on it will go for about a block. We changed the valve body and it still does the same thing. What else can we try?

mal fonction,,and intermitent
tank you