no diagnostic codes show. it only stalls on steep hill and not on level ground

my husband decided to play with his bass booster on his phone and plug it into our stereo. now the left speaker doesn't work anymore and i think he blew it out because it was playing for a little while after that. but when it was playing after that it had really static sounds and would cut in and out. how can i replace the speaker?

my aux cord is starting to not stay in the same place and there are days i have to adjust the cord i plugged in a few times in the port to get it to play the sound right. how can i fix it or replace it?

My left side headlight went out a few months ago and i tried to replace the light bulb. after replacing it twice they still do not work unless i have my brights on. i took it to a dealership and they said it might be an electrical problem. do you know what type of electric problems this could cause and how to fix them?

I have a 2007 Jeep Compass I rear ended a truck with a hitch replaced all damaged parts now it won't turn over It's a 2.4 (4 cylinder} The battery is good I turned the motor over by hand checked all fuses they are all good no blown ones when I turn the key in the switch all lights come on but it does nothing else Can you please HELP

there is a new bulb however it does not work. I have bought 3 bulbs thinking they are faulted but none of them worked. I can't pass inspection without headlight. Highbeam works fine on that side. Its only the lowbeam.

sevral times to get the brake lights to turn off. often the stay on all night.

I tested the old horn, it is shot. I managed to get it off but I am having a hard time bolting the new one in. There is only enough room for one hand. What do I have to remove to get access?

Starting from stop light or just sitting idle

Noticed slight T.S. to right and within 2 mos. lower ball joints where replaced. 8 mos. later lower C arms needed tightening. T.S. is now to left then to right, Sometimes follows lines in road. Mech. said T.S. is in probably in trans. Should I go to trans shop or dealer?

mostly when i start to drive and give the gas it will have no get up it looses power.It looses pwer then bank it will get up and go.I have brought it back constantly to the dealer and no problem found.This happens mostly when it is siiting for a few hours or cold.It is almost like the old cars the automatic choke is not opening.Veryfrustrated.thanks