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This happens in warm weather going up an incline. I travel a lot and need to know how to fix this problem. After I stop and let it cool, I can resume driving but then it happens again.
Everytime I start my car in the mornings I hear a loud clicking noise. (Like putting a nickel in a glass jar and shaking it) Nothing else in the car is running just the engine. I'll let it sit and run for about 30 mi...
What is the cost of replacing a total intergrated power module? . My email is Thanks for your help
HELLO i am new to this forum i have a jeep compass 2009 cvt it has a problem when driving uphill, The car's RPM gets STUCK between 2000 rpm and 3000 rpm and the vehicle's speed is at 20 mph whenever i stop and r...
When I start it an it is just sitting the engine seems to be running a lot faster than normal on the RPM scale. It will seem normal out on the road when I brake and come to a complete stop using brake but as I let off...
mostly when i start to drive and give the gas it will have no get up it looses power.It looses pwer then bank it will get up and go.I have brought it back constantly to the dealer and no problem found.This happens mos...
It only does it when I fill up &I've switched gas stations
The dreaded little red lightning bolt is coming up in my womans compass and i have heard the etc connector can get dirty and cause some real issues, can you help me locate this connector so i can dielectric grease it ...
I shut the car off and started it again, it was fine until the engine got to about 2000 RPMs and then the lights came on again along with the loss of power. Problem? Solution?
The top of the right rear tire leans outward and bottom of tire leans inward. I was still able to drive it home. would it be just a bent axel?
While driving get a loud schreeching noise, after turning car off it will not start and starter is shot. Has been suggested its the Totally Intergrated Power Module.
It's leaking but not making any noise. I do leave it's coming from the water pump
I was told it was the entire manifold needed to be replaced, but I hear no noise just the engine light is on.
When the light is on just like the manual reports I get bad gas mileage but I haven't found much useful information for this on the web. The car has about 55k on it and has been maintained well. The light may stay on ...
it only does it a couple of times then not again until next fill up
getting worse over the last few weeks. thought maybe a fuel pump but dont they go bad all at once?
has some hesitation but runs well and gets good gas mileage. Keeps saying it is the oxygen sensors, but it ran great after they were put in, about 2 weeks ago