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installing a my-gig Lockpick for my camera and nav. override. Good system I put it in my 2014 Jeep Liberty and works awesome.
no lights seats radio and i dont know if connected but cant get key to push in help
It chirps when it's cold starting. Mild chirp when it warms up.
A few days ago the airbag icon between the gauges would light with a bell sound, and then go off. I timed them and it took anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes before it came back on, but no regular pattern. I didn...
2010 Jeep Commander 3.7L I cant find a Haynes manual on it so any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Dealer says default code P0456 requires replacing Evap. Vapor canister. Wants big bucks to change, I'm quite handy is it a DIY?
purchased used 2010 jeep commander 1 week ago, still under bumper to bumper warranty , low miles....what cld be the cause of these issues.... Burning smell, in cab even with vents off and noticed a knocking sound tha...