I get going every day going from store to dropping off the the kids at day care the first time I start the car its great the second time not so much it feels like pre ignition but more like post ignition I'm stumped can't tell if it's mass air flow sensor or something other email I hope you can help thank you.

Only dtc 2100 low bat voltage--battery was run down Starts. Have been having overheating issues. replaced water & thermostat. fan runs

It was running when parked went to move started no power then it died mow it wont start and says that code but it jyst keeps turning over but doesnt start??

When I press the remote to open the hatch it opens and when it should stop at the open point it closes. How do I fix this please.

After engine warms up. 5.7 engine

Also the same Mechanic told me I needed a rear end.

the mechanic said I needed an oil change. Ieft the truck there with him. Only for him to call me back to say my transmission is bad.

Only Happens/Hear it When I Step Hard On Gas Pedal From Standing Still , Take Off in 1st. Gear

i park next to another jeep it will disable there jeep to unlock or lock. i pull away they are able to unlock and lock there jeep

My car randomly tells me the transmission is over temp. Then it shifts to the point of neutral and the fan goes on. It is a loud whirring sound. Typically it occurs while driving slowly with frequent stops (I live in the city).
I have taken it to the shop before, and for some reason it won't say that it is overheating anymore - and of course they can't get the code. But this is incredibly inconvenient. I have put way too much money in this jeep as it is. Any advise? The transmission cooler lines had just been replaced. I am hoping it may just be a sensor problem. Is that common?

While driving, car will have no acceleration and be stuck at 40 mph randomly. If I pull over, turn car off, wait a few, then it may work. It seems that it wont downshift while this happens. Happens more when travelling up very little inclines. Been is shop many times. Could this be a filter repair?

One day started missing really bad and check engine light came on and I check the codes and it said multiple cylinders misfired so I changed all spark plugs and ignition coils. I started it up and I still runs the same with alot of misfiring and turns off by itself.

Is the ac drain line the same as the sun roof drain line? Is it a blue ribbed tube?

Where is the end of the drain line ?

My check engine light came on and I did a engine diagnostic and these three codes pop up..p0133,p0137,and p0430 is this a big problem to fix?

car misfiring ,not running on all cylinders

I've been told my 2006 Jeep Commander has 2 catalytic converters. One is bad. How do we tell which one is bad?

How can I get an inspection sticker when the engine light goes on indicating transmission problem, When I drive 50 plus miles, the transmission will not go into 2,3 gear. Why does that happen. If I let the engine cool, reset indicator light, keeping the speed to 50 and acceleration at or below 2 RPM thru the gears, I can go for miles with no problems (no engine light too). PROBLEM: I am trying to get an inspection sticker and the transmission issue is causing a fail. My mechanic resets the engine light/system and added to drive many miles, keeping engine light off (following the protocol above) and having all sensors pass will enable the vehicle the inspection sticker. How many miles are needed to get the 02 Sensor along with the Evap system sensor to pass. He says it is hit or miss as to how many miles it will take. I am trying to avoid transmission work to pass inspection. Any thoughts? Thank you.

I have had my jeep for 2 years now I have replaced my front ball joints upper and lower as well as strut on right side I believe but when I drive out to my boyfriends house I still have popping in my front end. I was wondering if it could be my shocks or if it is something else. Its annoying and I just want it to be mechanically sound in the front end and not sound like I am driving a hunk of junk out on those dirt roads.

Maybe hit a pot hole or Two? We are the slow drivers on the road that's for sure.... I spent 14 almost 15 K on my commander. I know when I need to change my brakes ( not currently probably have 80% left brake wise. But the grinding noise that comea from underneath is horrible. Makes me kringe not knowing what it is.... biggest thing that has me stomped is that in reverse there are no symptoms or sound ... help with this mess for me and my family. I will learn what knowledge I can and use it myself.. I can't afford proper help so I'm doing it myself and hope I don't have to drop a tranny in the driveway because we have no garage . Please help

120,000 miles as of now... I haven't ever had a vehical with the tow package until I bought my commander. I haven't even got to use it yet and I'm having very bad issues this is my wife and my daily driver to work. Young with twin daughters.. I can't afford any problem ESPECIALLY if I'm clueless to what it is.... please help I'm willing to do the work myself. I haven't found a jeep page taking about this so I'm concerned... help before I start loosing gears and a vehicle I can't afford to loss.ANY HELP PLEASE

I drove 12 miles then when I parked the engine light came on and it started to ding. I turned it off, checked all fluids. Full. No leaks. Wouldn't start till cool. Had towed and mechanic says I warped the head gaskets. I have already replaced tranny, hoses, radiator cap. I'm quoted 7100 for engine. Does that sound right.

When it rains my jeep commander is leaking under the front windshield area right under the dash speaker. It apears that it is coming in under the windshield wipers like a bad heat molding? If i spray water down there under the windshield wipers after I take the plastic covering off it comes in fast. If I spray the window it comes in slow so I assume that has to build up then come in its leaking down where the hood releases along the plastic if I pull the side panel out you can see where its coming out at there some like silver tape where the window frame and frame meets interior is tripping out from right there would that be a window replace or replace the seal.

seems to be a jump in motor then stall out.if i put it into nuatral before complete stop it stays running.

When trying to change spark plugs, the coil packs on drivers side wont come all the way out or hard to remove due to the bolt not coming out.