I was just wondering is anyone experiencing this because this truck is costing me so much money? Is there a recall and rear ins which should.

After replacing both knock sensors, it still does the same thing

Is there a cabin air filter on my 08 commander? the dealer dosn't know and I can't find one. The thing smells like cow manure no matter how much I clean the inside.

I just changed both front bearing hubs and rotors and pads. My abs and esp traction control light are on. someone at work is telling me I didnt align the hubs with the axles, causing the lights to stay on. I dont believe this, can someone enlighten me?

The lights come on when the key is turned to first position but when turned further to start engine lights go off and the motor does not turn over.

It rumbles/shakes/vibrates sometimes when I start it. It doesn't matter if it is cold or hot outside. It sounds and feels like a jack hammer is underneath the hood. I turn the key off and try to start it again. It may or may not do it again. It only does this when I start it. It doesn't matter if I drive it or park it over night or 5 mins. It does it. There are no codes or lights on the dash board.

Stayed on over the weekend. What does this indicate and how much on average to repair.

After driving and stopping vehicle then turn off ignition the key fob will not come out of ignition until for several min.

Mine just went out last night and it wouldn't start. Then after sitting at the shop over night, of course it fired right up for the mechanic this morning.

my mechanic ran a diagnostic and the codes 1403 and 1411 came up but he didn't know what they were. Check verifier of symbols kept coming up. The tach and the speedo and the temp guage would fluctuate all at the same time. I changed batteries but nothing changed. I don't even know where to look to see what to do to fix this. HELP!!!!!