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Where is the convertible pump?
1988 xjs how to turn on air conditioner
After the car runs until its hot the gears grind sometimes and are harder to shift especially 1st and Reverse
what can i do to stop water from coming in?
i need brake fluid flush . approximate cost ?
How much should rear brakes cost to replace on a 1990 xjs. I was told that it would be 11 hours of labor costs at Meineke
Have no manual / Need intake, exhaust valve setting, please 5.3 Liter 1987 XJS 12 cylinder (2 door coup) Please send to scabonie@hotmail.com ...
I was driving my 1990 XJS on open road, the outside temperature was 90+ when suddenly the engine stopped. Fortunately I could pull off the road and I let the car sit for about 45 minutes. Next I tried starting the car...
How do you repair a rear main seal leak? cannot find a simplet straight answer! Thanks.
does the above model jaguar have a reset fuel pump switch?