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then it wouldn't start at all. it would turn over but wouldn't start.
the car is shaking badly, it's hard to keep it from moving. Pushing on brake pedal with the max force cannot prevent the car from creeping forward. It's scary and very dangerous. What can be a problem? It happened twi...
When they recharge the air conditioner, after fixing it,does that mean there's a leak? Thanx, Judi
red and yellow light come on 3 codes "DSC not Available " "Parkbreak fault" "Engine systems Fault" it will drive very slow I have to turn car off ....and restart again until they go away oh and check engine light come...
There is a clicking noise under the hood ,coming from the relay switches behind the headlights,under the hood,at the same time the lights flash.It clicks about every 5 seconds.It doesn't do it when the car is running....
We have had 2 mechanics look at the problem 2 separate times. They each had different solutions and after spending thousands of dollars the check engine light is on again.
All of the year Jaguar s-type headlights will fit my 2001 Jaguar Stype...
What other later jag stype models headlights will fit my 01??
this is now constant. At first it only happened every now again and put the car in park and turning motor off then back on usaully fixed the problem temporarily.
AC at any point (whether hot or cold) will not turn on when the button is activated.
Heater hose is blocked