My 1996 Jaguar xj6 won't go in gear windshield wipers won't come on the blinkers won't come on when I used to put my key into the door to unlock the door my security system goes off as if it was someone breaking into the car after so long it Gos off by itself do you think it's the reason it. Want turn over and shut the car down?

Fail safe mode light came on car would not start

My 2002 Jag 4.0 V8 S type has been sitting under carport covered since Nov with a a 1.5 amp battery charger on it. When I started it it fired rightover no hesitation so I took it out for a ride and noticed the Lamp indicator was on. Do you have any ideas?

It happens every morning especially if its cold out until engine is at operating temp. Engine light is on an codes say both banks are running below efficiency.

This happens every time you drive the car for more than about 15 to 20 minutes and sometimes more frequently. No codes have been thrown at all the check engine does not come on alone ever only when all flash. While all this is happening car runs ok but after a while it bogs down sporadically.

how to remove 1990 fuel tank

Driving home dies out, starts idles for very short time dies out ,if you give gas dies out. I have had no problems with engine before.

Land on the street in my 03 Jaguar X-Type Cruise not available light pops on the dashboard causing my car to skip and jerk

Towed it home, no crank, its completely dead. Nothing happens when I turn the key. Batteries new, and it is charged.

light is burned out above the high beam headlignt (the running lignt)

car engine fan stays on for a few min after car is turned off

I was wondering what it would be a hose of some sort im not sure

it wont start or click/crank but battery is full.

my jaguar mechanic states I have electronic shocks @ $2500 full front and back replacement. I dont have the money for that so I need to see if there is a more standard, inexpensive route. Someone said I may be able to disconnect the electronics and use a standard shock. Thanks.

all cluster lights flickers while driving on smooth or rough roads no codes
all grounds is good

random when i drive on smooth roads or rough roads

stereo systems are wired in series maybe one speaker is bad and the other chanels are fine

not sure very low spoken words no muisic i can heear subs woofers boom boom cant figure out what the deal is i thinking a speaker. is out or amp may be bad any ideas i very happy with the cars performance 49000 miles near mint $5000 cant complain i will not put a walmart stereo in a jag a bumper sticker would be less emberrasing any advice fuse,s are ok

The RH low beam headlight is too high, can't seem to adjust it with the leveling actuator.

This can be on virtually permanently then go off for 2 weeks.The car is only driven short distances and can be left in a heated garage unused for a month at a time.The first time the problem was seen was after a long period of not using.

diagnostic code says knock, light is yellow and intermittently restricted performance message, sometimes both message and check engine light goes off

My air conditioning stop working,what could be the problem?

When driving ~ 30mph, all of a sudden it feels like the emergency brake is engaging on and off for a period of sometimes 2 minutes. It continues to drive in a straight line, but slows down each time it engages and makes a growling sound. Does not happen all the time, worse when it is first driven in the day.

Now the top won't even start to fold down but the back windows go down. Do you think it's a fuse or the motor?

After starting my car when I try to shift from park to drive the shifter stays stuck in park.

No diagnostic codes showing. Brake lights seem to work when I shut the lights off.

Just drove the car to get a bite to eat without a problem. No prob going to work, lunch, or driving home. Came back an hour later and this happened.

Key fob batted had been saying low battery for a week or so. Not sure if it's related

Started after I hooked up battery after sitting for 6 mos in storage. Ran a 1/2 hr. Went to start again , cranked but no start? Gas in tank! 1st time this happened since buying car.? no fuses blown! possible fuel pump? Location of pumps. No pressure on fuel rail fitting.

I get these messages as soon as I turn on the key.

Light comes on when driving at 55mph, not on ignition.