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Engine was running when I was degreasing engine compartment. I used a good amount of water at a car wash rinsing it off and it ran for several minutes after I finished the rinse. Engine cut out just as I was about t...
Motor doesn't seem to work up or down. Fuse is ok and console switch is ok. What else should I look at? Can switch on parking break be checked or by-passed?
when the air conditioning is on the fan does not work? what could be the problem with it! HELP
changed spark plugs, replace fuel filter,
Can stop blinking turning car off or pulling battery cable off only.
Can stop blinking turning car off or pulling battery cable off only.
I have replaced battery with a new one, but didn't make any difference
Where is the convertible pump?
1988 xjs how to turn on air conditioner
Saw a small puff of some underhood by fuse box.
This Jaguar is completely original right down to the factory installed Pirelli tires. Vehicle has less than 14,000 original miles and has been properly stored in the Winter months since new. When it cranks, there doe...
After the car runs until its hot the gears grind sometimes and are harder to shift especially 1st and Reverse
I have a 1992 XJS 12 cylender with 35,000 miles. Havent used the car in a year. Today a winning started comming from the fuel tank (I think). I opened cap and seamed to be too much pressure and fuel flying out.Warm fu...
a video to repair this leak,heatercore or ,hose in to the difficult is this to fix.?
what can i do to stop water from coming in?
where is location of oil plug on 94 xjs?
backfire at low rpm ,also will not rev from an idle,sputters and backfires. changed fuel pump,filter,mass air.
i need brake fluid flush . approximate cost ?
How much should rear brakes cost to replace on a 1990 xjs. I was told that it would be 11 hours of labor costs at Meineke
Have no manual / Need intake, exhaust valve setting, please 5.3 Liter 1987 XJS 12 cylinder (2 door coup) Please send to ...
'94 XJS, 88K miles, convertible. AC blows cold when it runs. Recently, when AC is turned on (either at start or while running), the fans blow but the AC compressor does not engage, neither in "manual" nor in "thermo...
'94 XJS with 88K miles, ABS brakes. Normally excellent brakes. Now pedal pressure is spongy and stopping is very poor (dangerous). No leaks, fluid remains topped off. On occasion, left front caliper drags, smokes,...