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I got the car home, gears started to clunk, left it overnight. In starting the car in the morning, all electrics failed. Now I have to get AAA to take the car to my mechanic for a diagnosis!
im noticing alot of people sayin these 6 speed tranny's havin lots of trouble..i paid too much f---en money 4 this kinda crap ,isnt there some way to get jaguar to man up and fix their shortcomlngs?
The car will not start, and the tank empty light comes on even though the tank is full
I need to wire a chip to the diagnostic port wires. I need to know what wires go to what OBD2 pins.
Rear air shocks do not level for a smooth ride. Rear shocks rides high and car bounces over bumps like being on a boat
Back end does not level down for smooth ride
when should a serpentine belt be changed on 04 jag xjr?
what are the intervals for tuning up a 2004 jaguar xjr?
can carmd work on 2004 jaguar xjr?
power steering pump has slight leak underneath pump.
Where is the diagnostic plug located on this car?
A jaguar repair shop recommended a Brake fluid flush and change every 2 years. question: is this a Jaguar recommended service practice is this really required?