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then it wouldn't start at all. it would turn over but wouldn't start.
Can not unlock trunk because Valet function is on. Tried to turn off Valet function using black key in driver's door and trunk; will not work. Valet key was turned on while car was in drive.
It has been starting slower than normal the past couple of weeks. Battery is fine, 11.8 volts at rest. Turn key, nothing, hear a "shhhhh" sound for 1 second, not turning over. Then the right headlight flashes like 15 ...
Even if the headlights are just on auto mode. All windows, sunroof included. What do you suggest?
I got the car home, gears started to clunk, left it overnight. In starting the car in the morning, all electrics failed. Now I have to get AAA to take the car to my mechanic for a diagnosis!
I have a 99 jaguar xjr. Automatic 4.0 liter supercharged. When accelerating from stop, the gears don't shift properly in 2nd and 3rd gear. There is a slight jerking motion when it shifts into those gears. Does this me...
When key is turned on there is nothing, no warning lights, elec is sys is dead. After a while everything works again. Is this a problem with the ignition key component or some other part of the ignition system? Loc...
This car got a misfire code and blow engine oil in the air cleaner housing.
accelleration. code says that #2,4,6, and 8 (right bank) are missing. What could be the cause of this. car has 60k miles.
The pair of wires appear to come from under the back seat into the boot, the red wire is attached to the positive terminal on the battery, however the black wire is not connected, it has a male connector on the end, j...
rained in tank,drained tank replaced fuel filter,good gas all the way up to the engine,starts and shuts back off
tank filled with water,drained tank,replaced fuel filter,removed vaulve on fuel rail,switched key on and off pumping out fuel rail,will not stay running,starts right up
im noticing alot of people sayin these 6 speed tranny's havin lots of trouble..i paid too much f---en money 4 this kinda crap ,isnt there some way to get jaguar to man up and fix their shortcomlngs?
The car will not start, and the tank empty light comes on even though the tank is full
I need to wire a chip to the diagnostic port wires. I need to know what wires go to what OBD2 pins.
What harm is it to change oil brands as long as it is 5W-30 synthetic?
inertia switch has been reset but tank fuel pump is not running. Consequently auto is not getting fuel and will not start.
Rear air shocks do not level for a smooth ride. Rear shocks rides high and car bounces over bumps like being on a boat
Back end does not level down for smooth ride
The security light on the console that normally blinks when the car is locked, stays on solid. The car cannot be remotely locked and this runs the battery down to the point where the car will not start. I can re-ch...
head lites not working,unless you hold spring loaded hi beam on and it works
High beams are ok. No fuses are blown. Has HID bulbs on low beams. HOW TO TEST BULBS?
had my "rocket on wheels" for almost a year. recently, the headlights started flickering. then began going off & back on, intermittenlty, both sides.
Replaced spark plugs and exhaust manifolds, any answers please!
When turning off the ignition an electric motor runs for 10 sec, it is not the antenna mast motor or engine fans