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Leaks only when engine is running. No oil anywhere on top of motor. Leaks a quart in a mile. Leaves a trail of oil on the road. Big puddle where I park
car was running fine just got it so all the codes had cleared no check engine light on . then I ran over something it was a loud bang ad the car rolled to a stop no .more power no starter no dash lights .I replaced th...
Turn key car starts, voltage goes up then drops and car dies, can anyone help
Sometimes engine does not run+ door locking system does not work+ alarm system+ trunk open button and not back to life except after removing battery cords and reinstalled electrical cord before earth and not vise vers...
How long will the EGR valve and the throttle spring last before having to be replaced again?
leaking a little faster than i would like too see it also squeals when started
i changed the heat control valve. i got heat for 20 min. then i got cold air and no heat. When i try to use the defrost, the ac comes on
Using standard Jag key. Not keyless FOB
usually has to sit over night. Engine runs smooth. I let it sit for a month while out of town. Started it and it ran for about 20 minutes. Turned it off then started right up, but died after 3 minutes as before. Next ...
My check Engine light is on and diagnosed bad knock sensor. I have the part but my husband cannot find where it goes. It said on line on the side of the engine but we cannot find it..... Help
My Jag had a dead battery so I charged it up. The battery took a charge great but when I try to start it I get nothing. I cleaned the battery terminals and still get nothing. Could this be the factory alarm system ...
if i leave them on they will sometime start running again
Fuel not entering cylinders but will fire and run for short period if fuel introduced through spark plug holes.
Have a 97 XJ6L that has never had any issues. !24000 miles now. Drove in the rain yesterday and now when starting the engine stutters, misfires and shakes the entire car. At higher rev it seems fine. Check engine ligh...