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Leaks only when engine is running. No oil anywhere on top of motor. Leaks a quart in a mile. Leaves a trail of oil on the road. Big puddle where I park
My rear passengers window is stuck. Both the drivers door switch and passenger switch will lower the window but will not make the window go up. I hear the motor when it goes down. There is a click when you hit both sw...
car was running fine just got it so all the codes had cleared no check engine light on . then I ran over something it was a loud bang ad the car rolled to a stop no .more power no starter no dash lights .I replaced th...
my car has had a problem with intermittent low idle stalling , until this last week when it stalled and then would not start. engine would crank and had spark but wouldn't catch. tested fuel injector relay and replac...
Turn key car starts, voltage goes up then drops and car dies, can anyone help
It goes away after a minuet or two. It has gotten much worse lately.The alternator checks out.The battery is good The belts seem to be tight enough.
Sometimes engine does not run+ door locking system does not work+ alarm system+ trunk open button and not back to life except after removing battery cords and reinstalled electrical cord before earth and not vise vers...
Can't find flasher r turn signal switch for that model car.
I am experiencing a dull rattle of sorts emanating from the right rear of the car when negotiating slightly rough terrain irrespective of speed.After checking for loose muffler components and finding no problem here, ...
Crank sensor 3 yrs old cap rotor and coil same age wires are old
I think that isn't the problem, because once in a while if you turn the engineoff and on it will goe into four for a little while. any suggestion would be appeciated, it was showing it was the throttle body sense but ...
when the light goes on it appears that the transmission wont shift and that it is stuck in a higher gear. i can take it up to 100km or so still but doesnt appear any shifting is going on to get there. when light is of...
It does drive. Takes off slow but can't accelerate beyond 50mph. How do I fix. What sum call "limp" mode
as soon as I fill water resivoir it leaks right out from rear of engine...what could this be
Bought my wife a 1994 XJ6. AC switch comes on, blower comes on, but the compressor does not. I have replaced the AC relay switch and checked all the fuses. Any information you may give me will be greatly appreciated.
replace it in the car, the alarm system went off. I could not turn it off my putting my key in the ignition. How do i shut the alarm system off?
i hooked my battery up backward on 1993 jaguar xj6 and now center fuse box is getting no power. car wont turnover headlights wipers and seats not working
starts bucking and kicking then will smmoth out but does it again
How long will the EGR valve and the throttle spring last before having to be replaced again?
Do the low beam head lights have a fuse relay as like the blower motor.
a code came up for the egr vlv replaced it and the oxygen sensor, also changed plugs and oil. car won't pass smog