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My rear passengers window is stuck. Both the drivers door switch and passenger switch will lower the window but will not make the window go up. I hear the motor when it goes down. There is a click when you hit both sw...
Crank sensor 3 yrs old cap rotor and coil same age wires are old
I think that isn't the problem, because once in a while if you turn the engineoff and on it will goe into four for a little while. any suggestion would be appeciated, it was showing it was the throttle body sense but ...
Do the low beam head lights have a fuse relay as like the blower motor.
if i have on were is it located on the car and cand u show me a diagram
i have a 1981 xj-6 i replced a leaking valve cover gasket. and now when i start it races up to 2500 rpm and dont come down the linkage is fine.i removed the breather to gain more access and returned it to its place. ...
intermittently while driving but the headlights work fine? Hazard lights work too. Fuses are o.k. Are relays involved? Which one/s and where located?
my key for my 1990 jaguar is sticking and it is getting harder and harder for me to turn the key over all the way to start , nothing wrong with motor , motor is new the key turning is the issue , i think it is the ign...
86 xj6 volt regulaor location
key is broke in ignition can the barell tumbler be removed and dis assembled to remove broken key it is a 1985 xj6
A/C blows, but not cold How much would it cost to repair
ac unit has frozen, thrown the belt and needs replacement. have prices that are reasonable and unreasonable. $1k independent auto shop $1800. dealer. how complex is the fix. thnx