Chevrolet Impala Problem Report

Chevrolet Impala Intake Manifold Gasket May Leak Coolant or Engine Oil

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The intake manifold gasket can develop external engine oil or coolant leaks. In some cases the failed gasket will leak coolant internally. The manifold gasket will need to be replaced to correct this issue.

i have a leak in the intake manifold. gasket..tried using this stop leak.. treatment for leaky coolant.system seems to have helped. not much leakage. but still need to get it fixed but it costs so much. money. is there a class action suit for this. defect??? -
I was told intake manifold gasket was leaking coolant and possibly oil. If this is such a problem how come no recall? Is there a lawsuit for this? -
My oil level kept going down to the point where I was adding 1 quart every 1000 mies. Gas milage was cut to 18 mpg avg. where it used to be 26 mpg avg. Acceleration was terrible, especially uphill. I pulled the intake manifold and found the original gasket was basically gone! There were little bits and pieces stuck in near the cooling ports. Oil was getting into the intake side because of this failure and thus clogged the catylitic converter! I replaced the intake gaskets (upper and lower) and the converter. Oil had got into the cooling systen too. I flushed out all DEXCOOL and replaced it with conventional "GREEN" antifreeze. Dexcool degrades the gaskets rapidly! -
GM should have issued a recalled but i just their cost would have been too much since so many cars have the same problem -
Intake manifold leaked into the radiator -
Upset , due to started back last summer noticed a wine like the water pump was going out. and puddles under car after it cools off. not alot . After just going through that already with another car, I told the mechanic to replace it I wanted it to be fine for this winter. , 2 months went by still see puddles but rad. and over flow and oil are full.. call him back told him,took it in dropped it off and he stated couldn't find anything, 2weeks still doing it , dropped it back off stated radatior was gone,and its scensor, had thoses replaced and done, and still acting like it was going to over heat, dropped it back off and he stated that he needed to replace the plastic elbows that go into the intake , replaced those, still doing it, drive it and it still doing it told him he needed to replace this water pump that he just put in that something is still wrong.., due to it started to make a sound like it was clicking , Dropped it off yest. NOw states it has compressed lifters, it blow out a glasket on the water pump and the new radaitor I JUST PUT IN and an Intake Leak ! -
Lower intake manifold gasket is leaking antifreeze and needed to be replaced, also an oil change and some hoses replaced as a result. -
Leaking intake manifold -
Engine was overheating. Intake manifold gaskets were fried and needed to be replaced. Mechanic said happens all the time on GM's. -
I wish I knew before I started to hear the bearing knocking. Now I need another engine. -
Engine oil leaking onto my garage floor. Reported it at the dealer and was told it was the Oil Pan gasket ($600 to fix!). When car was in the shop, I was called and told it was the Lower Intake Manifold gasket!!! ($$$), am not very happy.... -
Constantly losing coolant -
First time, Oil pan gasket leaking & intake manifold gasket leaking, per dealer 'black light' inspection, found 2 leaks, 1 from oil pan gasket & 1 from intake manifold gasket. Replaced upper & lower intake manifold gaskets, coolant crossover gaskets, valve cover gaskets, oil pump drive o - ring, oil pan gasket, & crankshaft front seal at a extended warranty cost of $1601.53 which included a 3 day rental car. Second time, intake manifold leaking, per Sears Auto Center, Intake Manifold Set, LP, undercar rep, misc. service, 12.2qts engine coolant, service at a cost of $1,019.77. -
My car has leak which appears to oil or coolent not sure. -
I take manifold leaked oil and coolent causing lots of stress and money after puttin a fuel pump 3 power steering pumps -
Intake manifold gasket leaking. Also transmission pan, oil pan and AC compressor all leaking! -
steel not fix -
I've worked on three engines with the same configuration as the 3.8L V6, the problem originates in having dissimilar materials between the block, heads, and intakes. This creates a problem of contraction and expansion at different rates along with Dexcool degrading the gaskets. In essence the 3100,3400, and 3800 engines are all poor designed and engineering junk. Currently working on the 3800 and taking the top end off to fix the ubiquitous problem of leaking gaskets, overheating etc. -
I smelled oil burning when I shut off the engine. No smoke at startup or when running. Haven't solved it yet. -
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