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Screen is blank cannot turn on stereo ac works clock worksim stumped
The front brakes make a grinding noise that is not metal on metal when I depress the pedal. It last about as long as it takes to get to the shop and then it stops. A month later, the same thing. ABS braking system pro...
We did a self diagnosis with error codes r0107 nr0107 RE5-0
The inside handle will open the door but the outside handle will not open the door it is difficult to operate (stuck) & does not move freely and the door does not latch when trying to close.
I hear a clicking noise possibly coming from the a/c fan (blower) when fan is not in use. Noise starts when I start up the suv and sometimes while driving. The a/c or heat can be off or on and it still makes this no...
Why does my 2004 Infiniti QX56 smells like gas when I turn it on?
My AC blower is stuck on high. I can turn it off or on but nothing in between. Any ideas? It is out of warranty now but love it still!
my air bag in my 2004 infinity qx56 stay on all the time all the wires under the driver seet are well connected. please advise
The safety bag's light is showing ON, what is this mean and how to correct it?
the seat belt light flashes even the car is on or off and no code shows for the problem. what do i need to do to correct it?
my navigation shows the maps, where I am driving etc but wont let me input an address to drive to, does it need an update?
my back up camera works fine, but my back up sensor switch is permanently on off no matter how many times I push button it stays lit up and off, any thing i can do to turn it back on so I hear the beeps when getting c...
my battery went dead (light left on) now battery is fine but now my sunroof will not close open smooth one touch as before is goes in sections then stops and I need to keep pushing open/close button till it fully clos...