Car feels like brake is on. Serious loss of power. MPG down a third. HELP!! Is this just the difference between mile-high & ocean-low?

My 98 J30 overheated and now won't start it's got spark it wines and won't fite

My car was running good until the cold weather started n now I'm stuck with no car n no way around town n no money to oay for guess work, what do I do

After the power steering belt busted while driving u overheated . Git it tow home car was still starting but when I replaced it the car wouldn't start? I put in new starter checked all fuses flushed the radiator checked timing belt ..but u can't find spark plugs where are the spark plugs lo located?

The wipers will turn on again when I turn off car than start it again, it will turn off at times

How do I extract it out when its snapped off?

it be dong this for about 3 or 4
weeks it use to go off after I
started knowit stas on

Stalls intermittent. Like running out of gas.. Smell ordor

It occurs when I am driving. Car hesitates sometime when shifting gears.

I have blow a fuse can not find one Infiniti g20 2000

and reverse but when you push the gas it does not go, when in neutral the engine reves up but then in drive it goes but will not accelerate

Replaced alternator. Couldn't get it to boost off. When trying a different battery, it was installed wrong. Blew fuses/ replaced them. Still won't start. And trying to boost it off blows main fuse again.

I replaced fuel filter and pump. Checked compression and spark plugs. It is firing on all 4 cylinders. It starts normally. The exhaust does smell rich.

The battery has been replaced as well as the starter, fuel pump and fuel pump modulator on my 1997 Infiniti Q45. But my car still only cranks but it won't start, just acts like it wants to. I've also tested the relays as well. The only codes that pulled up was for the modulator and a knock sensor code. Which way do I go now, I'm kind of at a loss.

Changed fuel pump, crank sensor, fuel pump control module. I could crank over and over but wouldnt stay running now I cant try cranking more than once it acts like battery is dead after the first cank.

clicking noise under the hood from fuse box. any information would help tremendously. thank you

Auto auction listed as structural damage. Dealer says it was a fender bender no visible signs of damage. Drives well. Should I buy?

Lock the door from the inside. The security light came on for 10 secs then went off. I disconnect the battery and tried starting but not working. What fuse can I take out to deactivate the whole alarm

I just need to know where it is so I can take a look at it. Thanks!

When the car is turned off there is a periodic beeping coming from behind the driver's seat. As soon as the engine comes on, it stops.

I got this car what a burned head gaskets.
So hade to make overhalling
And I started the engine and it was perfect.
A day after I hade a oil leak between the block from the front and the timming chain cover . So I hade to open it again and I tought I missed a spot to put Silicon on .
After removing I found out nothing is wrong .
I just can't find when is it leaking from .
How will I know .
I'm starting to think that I have a cracked block of a cracked timming cover .
And one can help???

thumping noise coming from the driver front suspension area. Infiniti service manager informed me it was shock. Prior to this I had a 2010 FX35 with the same problem. Another mechanic solve the problem on the FX35 which was the ball joint and the arm had to be replace and not the shock. How do I find a trustworthy mechanic to be honest and resolve the problem. My gut tells me not to trust the Infiniti dealership because I have caught them in several lies in the past. Any help would be appreciated. The FX50 has 54,000 miles. Thanks In Advance

Fuel light stays on constantly

Had someone come and unlock the car and I put the key in the ignition pressed a button alarm system went off and the remote worked fine for a few days but now it's not working again. Seems as if car is dead. Not sure if the remotes are malfunctioning or the security system or electrical systems are the culprit.

The ABS light is on, the brake's antilock l is not operating as it should.

i think its a pulley but not sure

OBD2 shows no code; however, the car still shows Catalyst Not Ready. The car has been driven for more than 300 miles.

Can anyone help?

That is it.

you can move steering column up and down just a little bit but this causes a failed inspection in MD. I have tried to get new bushing from infinity but they don't sell them. They want you to purchase a whole upper column. any help here? this must be a common problem becouse I bought another used steering assy and it has the same problem.