you can move steering column up and down just a little bit but this causes a failed inspection in MD. I have tried to get new bushing from infinity but they don't sell them. They want you to purchase a whole upper column. any help here? this must be a common problem becouse I bought another used steering assy and it has the same problem.

Only see two parallel lines on screen half screen light/dark no picture

it happened yesterday. what possibly went wrong?

Front driver window does not working

i bought a genuine oil from a well know factory...

It also make a loud, "vibrating" noise when driving in forward gears. As weird as it sounds it is more predominate when turning left than it is when turning right.

for electrical

seats,sterring wheel

Why would it do that?

Sometimes the gps screen/radio/tv work. But, when it's not, the screen stays illuminated (blank screen), even with car turned all the way off (keys out of ignition). Ultimately draining the battery.
The heat works but you can't see what's it's on or nothing

While driving on freeway RPM gauge went all the way to 7 (65mph) Slowed to 50 it dropped to 6. Eventually got off freeway and pulled over. The RPM stayed at 4. Checked oil, it was very low. Didnt have a screwdriver to check the transmission dipstick. Turned truck off and RPM stayed at 4. Bought oil, put 3 qts in RPM went down to 3. It is now at 3 and shifts normally, sounds normal, and seems to be running normal. Any idea if the gauge is just stuck or something more serious?

Tried replacing bulb, but that didn't help. Dealer says ballast controls voltage and headlight is not getting power,so wants to replace ballast for $900. Is that reasonable? Does it make sense to buy the part online and have another repair person install it or is that just asking for more problems?

I have a 2011 infinit Q56 with 63k miles and the transmission wants to hunt for gears when I give it a little punch but occurs when I'm cruising under 2,000 RPMs.

occasionally, when i turn the key, there's a click but the engine doesn't turnover. On the 2nd try, it cranks.

When I put my key in the ignition and turn the key, it tries to start, but will not turn over. It sounds like it's trying to and you could flood the engine because gas is going through.
We've replaced the gas line and the altenator with no success.
I also have had my aftermarket security system disabled because there is a light with a picture of a car and a key in the middle. ANd it still won't start. Any ideas what this could be? Thank you!

The hiss is there wheather the engine is on or not. Turn the key to ACC position and the hiss is there.

do you think it's the motor of the fuse