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i put it in neutral and restart car and keep reving it put in drive and go.... soon as i start to slow down its going to stall out put in neutral to keep going.... my mechanic put in an i think he said it was an air f...
I hit a pole on the passenger side fender and have recently gotten my axle bent back, replaced my cross member and got my door realigned so it closes all the way. My car thinks a door is open. My clicker will not get ...
I just replaced my rear passenger side ABS Sensor for my 2002 Infiniti QX4. What is the next step needed to clear the ABS light on my dashboard?
I've been told that the unit(drive shaft) and u joints are all one piece and the u joints cant be removed and replaced.
Or could it lead to. To major problems with the cam
We recently purchased a used Infinity QX4 (2002). The previous owner had thrown away the keyless entry fob after is stopped working. We purchased a new fob from the dealer and followed the steps to sync it with the ca...
Would this contribute to the problem. I read your previous post on bushings and tires.
when I replaced the bulb,headlight switch,fuse,relay.
Wheels still vibrate upwards of 55 mph. Family mechanic thinks sloppy workmanship may be culprit, but should tires be loose after repacking?
its my moms car i hate it but need it to transport her, my friend is a pretty strong guy and he couldny budge it either is there a trick to it? thank you!!rhomi
the heater/def blower will not turn off, runs constantly, unless the fuses are removed.
Well, the oil leaks from the break system and the break fluids leaks quicker.There's an indication on the dash board to check the engine.