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After giving a jump all the gages are swinging back and forth, the check engine light along with all the other lights are lit on the dash, as soon as the cables are removed the car cuts off, this is the first time thi...
i put it in neutral and restart car and keep reving it put in drive and go.... soon as i start to slow down its going to stall out put in neutral to keep going.... my mechanic put in an i think he said it was an air f...
Cant figure out why my floor boards are wet on both sides in front sides hopefully sone has thus problem and can tell me . And maybe the cost of the is all the time when it rains and when I us my a.c. unit a...
including replacing fluids
When I first start it. it will start. When it runs for about 10min or more and turn it off then try to start it again it will crank but won't start.
Think driver door and rear hatch sensors are worn out. Need to know part name I am replacing. Also, is job difficult??
Just bought this vehicle a month ago and had to use the 4WD today because of snow...when in AUTO it would clunk and pop and grind and also seem like it would pull one way then all of a sudden pull the other way. And i...
It runs perfectly fine in park and neutral, however it dies as soon as it is shifted into any gear. I have been told that this is a neutral safety issue is this acurate?
Once vehicle warms up it will shut off and want crank again until cooled off.
My speedometer does not work, it previously worked. All other gauges (tach, fuel, etc) work fine. Have checked fuses, connection in dash. What else can I do?
All the problems that I have read here the four wheel drive light comes on stays on while goes off it feels like the four wheel drive is on its started holding back an sounds louder an when you accelerate gas it don't...
I do not get A/C or heat, unless I turn on my defrost, and then it doesn't blow, so I have to turn it up higher (or lower for A/C) to get anything. What could be the problem?
had drove truck 30 miles turned it off would not crank back up i am not getting fire from distributor and it shows a p0325 code
Checked for air leaks-none. Replaced coil parks, injectors, and can sensor. Does not help. The left CAT is around 580° and right CAT is 360°. Any ideas?
Change knock sensor, fuel injectors, 02 sensor, spark plugs, wires,
losing power at 40 mph
It just started this win pushing gass pedal the engine will go up to 2000 rpm and then loos fire or loos fuel and idle down picks back up at about 1500 rpm and does the over and over
My gas tank door won't open anymore even after I press the release button several times
The local garage is saying about $250.00 to repair. Is this something we can do ourselves to save money?
My car needs: - New front and rear brake pads - Resurfacing of rotors - Two new wheel brake cylinders - Repack wheel bearings I am being quoted $800. Is this a reasonable quote?
I hit a pole on the passenger side fender and have recently gotten my axle bent back, replaced my cross member and got my door realigned so it closes all the way. My car thinks a door is open. My clicker will not get ...
Will it hurt my transmission if my vehicle is towed with the front wheels lifted, transmission in neutral, in two wheel drive mode?