looked over and tightened all drive train and rear struts shocks and exc. While doing so I see a level switch attached to the truck&rear-end but a can't figure out the how (no obvious air ride ) bags or on off switch.

Security System works, but Horn doesn't Beep when Set! Has happened before, simple fix, no Charge, but can't remember how to reset

It happens when I drive a high speed like on a freeway.
I was told that it could be trailing arms on the rear side but I wanted to make sure before I get it replaced.

Problem just started. Has to have something to do with controls on left side of steering wheel but what could be the problem?

drip water,the shop says its the heads but the only sign is overheating,I am a disable veteran,and when I bought used it ran great for 4 to 5 weeks,the dealer who sold is out of Crossville, Tn.RoadRunner is the name of the dealership,I have bought other cars from him out right but he stuck me good on this one.