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All the problems that I have read here the four wheel drive light comes on stays on while goes off it feels like the four wheel drive is on its started holding back an sounds louder an when you accelerate gas it don't...
Change knock sensor, fuel injectors, 02 sensor, spark plugs, wires,
I recently did a major brake repair job replacing the rotor, pads, master cylinder, and brake power booster. I just replaced the power booster after experiencing sudden acceleration. Now the SUV brakes on its own. I...
The problem is continuous, and air will only stop blowing if I turn the SUV completely off.
want to know repair steps for code PO138
170,000 miles. Went to Aamco for free computer scan before smog test. Mechanic says replace idle control valve PO505 showing on computer, leaking radiator, have oil change to pass smog test. He wants me to replace t...
After a cooling period (5ish minutes) it will start and go a little further then repeat. It is throwing the primary ignition code 1320. I have changed the coil and still experience the same problem.
When driving it takes the transmission longer to shift into the next gear than normal. The RPM goes up to about 4000 before it shifts out at 25 and 45 MPH.
Heater has occasionally smelled like exhaust coming through the heater. Now the heater will not shut off.
infiniti qx4 1999: rear drivers side door handle broke today. latch is stuck in closed position, can't close door. can i easily get into the door to place the latch in the correct position?
when i drive on freeway my truck wobbles from left to right feels unsafe i need to hit the brakes for it to stop could my tires be to soft or do i have suspension problems how do i troubleshoot this problem also i r...
What would cause an ignition to lock up