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I ws toldthe Audio Board needs to be Rebuilt or Replaced. 3 Week project! Who can work on this?
Repair shop has changed both Low coast brake solienoid and valve harness, problem returned after 5 days of use. Repair shop owner seems clueless, all he wants is more money to find problem. What is the correct fix ...
where is the interior fuse box for the sun roof.
Where can I check the fuel pressure? add pictures if possible.
The car is stuttering when idling, and hesitates when excelerating
how to remove glove box to get to filter
when idle its fine under load is when it misfires .
I just got four new tires on my car and the tire MMU stated that the car need a right lower ball joint - I spoke to the Dealer and they stated that there were no ball joints for this car......please help as I am very...
coolant is fresh and full. Pointer is at about 8:30. Before it was at 7:30 position
the left rear wheel is making noise when i drive