because i have changed all o2 sensors, egr valve, changed plugs & coil packs plus pcv valve and maf sensor. Car still shakes and stalls...been using premium gas since i purchased three years ago.


Whenever I try to stop, and I press the brake pedal the brakes are real hard...why is that

My car shakes a lot and I can smell the fumes and it shakes like it wants to shut off

changed throttle positioning sensor because that's what diagnostic said was a problem but still made no difference and check engine light is still on. what could it be?

Because they need changing

Changed all ignition coils and plugs, but idle's rough and will hesitate big time 45-55 accleration. Timing chain so says don't mess with that? ..(i have 200k miles)...whats next? Is there a timing adjustment I could perform or is that a complete new chain, (2K?)...thanks for any help...Bam

So my car will only start when its cold, if the car is warm the car wont crank but the fule pump and alternator fires but nothing else. So i figure it ls the main relay now i can get to it is there any tips on how to access it

I am getting a code of P1320.

What could be causing this. Some type of sensor maybe. I've had the tank scoped and the repair shop said that everything looked clear. It happens every time I get gas, not always at the same amount, but every time. Sunday I was able to put $12 in there before it started clicking.

I had the fuel line bled


Still difficult to turn steering wheel What could be the problem?

And injector so I took it to the shop now They say the engine wiring harness needs to be replaced because it's not sending a signal to cylinder 2

fully loaded,no cosmetic problems

Can start put turns over but wont start can i by pass the styem

After playing with the ignition a few seconds it will finally start. Just happens every so often and seems to be tied in with radio and seat controls. Electrical?

the temp gauge is above hot