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no check engine light. Does this more when warmed up. Also comming out of overdrine helps.
Hi Everyone, I'm about to buy this car soon, but there are those issues mentioned and I got Idea about mechanic, fixe car specialy I'm in a hurry because i need to drive before this Monday to my new job place. Nee...
replaced the fuel pump, fuel pump housing, sensors and fuses. Still no pwoer to fuel pump.
My husband cut three wires taking out the antenna, then noticed seat memory gone, then the clock only works when car running, the security light went solid and after a couple of weeks on its last mile or less I did he...
I Replaced the pump and it still does it. I have also replaced the tensioner
Sometimes when I turn the key nothing happens. I have to wiggle the gear shift then it will start. The dealer says it must be in failure mode for them to diagnose the problem.
Nothing wrong car runs beutiful but oil light remains on
I changed the headlights today and drove the car home fine. I just tried to get back into it and no power is running through it at all. I can even pop the hood because that is electrical as well. The interior lights w...
The knock sensors and the Solenoid vale was replace along with the gas line. But my check engine light is still on , and I can not pass the emission test. EDV was fine, so now the guy at Auto Zone stated it my be my M...
Brake light came on but went off within a minite
Jump didn't work.. I drove two days with new battery.
I recently had an oil change and a few weeks later while driving my car started knocking and acceleration decreased. Now my engine is locked and wont start, what could be the problem? And oil leaked out after oil change
it was running fine then it shut off at a stop sign it started up when i shot fuel in air hose into carb
Says need dealer to flash ecm. Dealer says 1999 model is too old for their software??Anyone other than dealer can help?
I've replaced the alternator, starter, fuel pump, ignition coil, MAf, battery, radiator, 3 belts, every fuse, inside and in engine compartment, I've been told to check the cam timing sensor but have no clue where to f...