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I Replaced the pump and it still does it. I have also replaced the tensioner
Sometimes when I turn the key nothing happens. I have to wiggle the gear shift then it will start. The dealer says it must be in failure mode for them to diagnose the problem.
Brake light came on but went off within a minite
Says need dealer to flash ecm. Dealer says 1999 model is too old for their software??Anyone other than dealer can help?
after changing the battery the horn wont stop
in my Infiniti q45 all the instruments on the odometer will not work except for the gear sections, but sometimes while driving it will start working. what can be the problem
when I am driving car will start jerking while I am driving car. also car will cut off while I a sitting at a stop sign. check engine light is on. it is telling me maf circuit malfunction, knock sensor 1 and 2. that...
My 1999 Infiniti Q45t was sitting in a car lot for 3 years. i got it running again put tires battery brakes and flushed fluids and all that. the check engine light has always been on due to an exhaust leak. it has sta...
Rained heavy the other day and I really felt the engine missing, but it not not happen at all on yesterday.
when i start my car up it will run fine until it drops below the 1000 rpm mark and it will start to shake. Once I put it in drive, or reverse, it seems to sputter and jerk, even sometimes stalling. It will fire right ...
have gasoline smell inside and outside car and thoughtit could be an emmisions problem
can't find fuse panel under dash only found one under hood.I'm thinking there is another. Blower fan doesn't work on heat or air, blower is fine,no power getting to it.It happened at once not gradually. Think it might...