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Nothing wrong car runs beutiful but oil light remains on
Jump didn't work.. I drove two days with new battery.
it was running fine then it shut off at a stop sign it started up when i shot fuel in air hose into carb
I recently had a new water pump and thermostat installed, thought maybe it was just air in the system or low coolant. I keep topping off the radiator but need a sure way to make sure all air is out of system.
Would like to have working trac control unless it's very involved or expensive to get working again. Bad trac off switch, bad sensor? Any way to have these checked? Thanks. I bought the car this way so don't kn...
idling problems , stalling when i stop at a red light, i cleaned throttle body, and maf sensor, thru the FSM for my particular car added fuel treatment from dealership bg44k i think it was, ran better for a little wh...
my 94 infin q45 has a leak near the rear of the engine. are there hoses or seals in the rear? pls help.
thanks goodguy, greg & g-helper.
We just bought the car at an auto auction. The transmission light is on, slip differential light is on, airbag light blinks. The car alarm continuously goes off, I hear 1 click when I turn the key over and a humming s...
hey greg and goodguy, pulled a resistor from a different car. both makes a click when i adjust the fan speed from 3 to 4. you think its the resistor or maybe something else. thanks.
my blower motor wouldn't stop, then it stop blowing at all even when a/c on. motor still good. help
The car has been sitting for a long time and now its not turning the starter its just clicks for a couple of times. Do I need a new starter or can I fix the one that is bad and if so how?
Intermittent problem! Runs great, accelerates correctly, idles smooth, but occasionally at no certain speed, no certain temperature--the engine just dies for a split second as if you instantaneously turned off the ign...
when i get up in the morning my car starts right up but when i go out on break its hot out it wont start...i changed the starter and relay and i cant figure it out