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I cannot lower the driver window by switching it...the passenger is ok... Thank you
Is there a way to bypass the power switch for the seat.
in morning time-it will crank up and run perfectly fine and idols like dream-after a couple of revs-it will sound like it is rev llimiting and sputters till it dies and will not run again that day-this sequence happen...
they cut the wires of the stereo and the head lights are blinking and the car does not start, I can turn the switch but nathing happen. how can i disabled the antitheft alarm
Smoke coming from passenger door speaker. When a/c was turned off, it stopped smoking. But the smell of something burning lingers in car.
Don't want to pay a locksmith $185 to rekey ignition. Broke only key in half!Replacement?
Our 91 M30 has a odd ac issue. The door granted needs adjusted, but the ac will stop working. Then my wife notices the door isn't shut all the way, so in shutting it the ac starts working. Driving down the road it wil...
PLEASE HELP!!! I have problem to start my car (1991 infinity M30) because of its anti-theft system. Is there anyway I can deactivate or disarm the anti-theft system of this vehicle? I DON"T HAVE A REMOTE. Is there a v...