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If so, what is the paint ID # and color ?, also, I need to touch up the trunk Insignias as the gold color is wearing through to the silver chrome color 2001 I30 Infiniti.
"2001 infiniti i30" My Car starts fine, after driving for awhile, I shut the car off, will not start again for several hours, can someone help please?
The icon is to the left of the gas gauge on the dash. I have had this car since June 2001 never saw this before. Thanks for your reply ---
a mechanic said it was mass airflow sensor problem but, car running fine.
Transmission was checked out fine when we started to have stalling and RMP reving while on street. After replace speed sensor all was fine for 2 months, then problem started again, replace and ind for months, but prob...
I changed my bulb and my fuse. But I noticed I have a bigger fuse box that says head lamp on it im not sure if I have to change that or not. I'm not sure if I'm even changing the right fuses. I changed the "HL Lamp" a...
After removing the key the starter kept trying to crank the engine. Finally after turning the ignition on and off several times the car finally started.
'engine service soon' light came on for 2 days and then went off as I took it in today for oil change. The shop notified about the #1 coil. Is it required to replace all the coils?
I've taken it dealer and they ran a diagnostic and cant find any problems w/my car. when I pull over and turn car off and then restart it works just fine until the problem reoccurs again. this has happened 5 times ove...
127000 miles rides smooth cold ac not sure if common issues have been corrected..will this be a good purchase for young mother with little money
My infiniti i30t 2001 does not move as I accelerate. It just moves as a slow rate, but this only happens after long periods of driving. Already changed out the transmission fluid but still having the same problem.