i wanted to know wether the safety parts of 2000 infinity i30 like airbags,seat belts and the sensor system could fit in 2001 infinity i30?(any responce would be appriciated)

I have a 2001 Infiniti i-30, wouldnt start, so i took it to a mechanic. They told me my car's ECM needed to be replaced, reprogrammed, and the engine mounts needed to be replaced. Then they told me it would cost $2100 for parts and labor. Should I take it somewhere else, or would I be wasting my time?

This first accrued 6 wks. Yet, it happens frequently. Is this a transmission problem? My machanic seems to think so.

It's on the passenger side when it's making noise.

This is the second time it has happened in the last 6 months. Also both times it has been hot outside. I had replace my motor mounts and transmission mount after the first time it occured.

If so, what is the paint ID # and color ?, also, I need to touch up the trunk Insignias as the gold color is wearing through to the silver chrome color

2001 I30 Infiniti.

"2001 infiniti i30" My Car starts fine, after driving for awhile, I shut the car off, will not start again for several hours, can someone help please?

The icon is to the left of the gas gauge on the dash. I have had this car since June 2001 never saw this before. Thanks for your reply ---

a mechanic said it was mass airflow sensor problem but, car running fine.

Transmission was checked out fine when we started to have stalling and RMP reving while on street. After replace speed sensor all was fine for 2 months, then problem started again, replace and ind for months, but problem comes back worse. Downshifting doesn't help much, and Overdrive light blinks rapidly.
Is this transmission or something else. Mechanic replaces sensor, can't find anything else through PC.