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If so, what is the paint ID # and color ?, also, I need to touch up the trunk Insignias as the gold color is wearing through to the silver chrome color 2001 I30 Infiniti.
I pulled my car door which was locked but not all the way closed and push to. The alarm went off. i unlocked the door with the key and put the key in the ignition and turned and the car crank up and the alarm went off...
"2001 infiniti i30" My Car starts fine, after driving for awhile, I shut the car off, will not start again for several hours, can someone help please?
Already had it to the repair shop and the dealer. Recharged with Freon- No difference. Had all the pressures checked - ok.
Took it to a shop - no can tell me what's wrong -help
My girl overt filed my think with laundry. I went to stay the cat and it ran for about 5 seconds. Now it just spins the flywheel. Seems like it is not getting fuel. I wad thinking she may have hit a switch or separate...
The icon is to the left of the gas gauge on the dash. I have had this car since June 2001 never saw this before. Thanks for your reply ---
a mechanic said it was mass airflow sensor problem but, car running fine.
Everytime I start my car it doesn't always turn on. Sometimes after attempting to start the engine it immediately dies. So besides having to try multiple times, I've just been pressing on the gas just a little bit jus...
Car started missing 3 years ago after filling up one night. Next day started missing and it pops up knock sensor and random misfire on scan tool.i cleared the codes and ces light comes on about 5 mins later. I replace...
how much to repair a leaking transmission
It doesn't do it all the time
My keyless entry will only roll down the windows. So I unlocked my car from the inside, my alarm sounded so I took the fuse out. However, now the car won't start.
My father applied oil to the shift lever and now works perfectly, but now my vehicle won't start; brake lights, brake light switch, neutral safety switch, and starter checked out ok
Transmission was checked out fine when we started to have stalling and RMP reving while on street. After replace speed sensor all was fine for 2 months, then problem started again, replace and ind for months, but prob...
I changed my bulb and my fuse. But I noticed I have a bigger fuse box that says head lamp on it im not sure if I have to change that or not. I'm not sure if I'm even changing the right fuses. I changed the "HL Lamp" a...
After removing the key the starter kept trying to crank the engine. Finally after turning the ignition on and off several times the car finally started.
Driving down the road, came to a stop, as i tried to accelerate, i realized the car would not move. What do i troubleshoot for, and how?
I checked all the bulbs, they are fine. As well as the fuses.