How do I extract it out when its snapped off?

Auto auction listed as structural damage. Dealer says it was a fender bender no visible signs of damage. Drives well. Should I buy?

this problem started after i had the oil changed. the shop cleared the codes and checked an o2 sensor. it had an o2 code bank 1 . was working fine before the oil change. i have used the shop for years but it has them stumped.

up in down in temperature

when I changing the coil out .. the rubber boot that covers the spark plug separated from the coil when trying to replace it. and where can I find ,buy or rent some really thin long needle nose plyers ???

While driving car will stall and sputter and also has an odor. Also black smoke out of exhaust. I recently have ran the car out of gas many times. Could this be part or all of the problem. Have replace mass air flow sensor and still has not helped. I would appreciate if someone could help me with this PLEASE THANK YOU, KIMMIE

I pulled my car door which was locked but not all the way closed and push to. The alarm went off. i unlocked the door with the key and put the key in the ignition and turned and the car crank up and the alarm went off. I drove off and the car immediately cut off and went dead. How do I reset it.

when i give the car gas i can feel the car jump when its trying to slow down, it feel like a manual car shuttle into gear.