Driving home abs, air bag and maybe a few others lights all came on , huge loss of power. Then it started idling funny . It died and the battery went dead. Tried it a little later ran normal for a minute then same problem.

My car has been sitting for about 2 years and no shop or mechanic has been able to fix it...stating the car needs a special cord to do the diagnostic...even the Nissan dealership/shop that said I would have to take my car an hour drive to the Infiniti shop which isn't an option

and now the cruise control does not work

My car was hit from the driver side rear to front. However the rear axle and tires were replaced. A few months later my wheel cracked and I had it welded. I want to know was it a safe thing to do?

The brakes were replaced front and rear. Right after that the noise began.I was told the main rod needed to be lubed.that's about it for now can you help me.

I have no power getting to anything on my 1999 Infiniti. I replaced the starter and went to check that all was well, stopped at 3 stores and all started fine. Stopped at 4th store and now NOTHING. No lights, no clicks, nothing. Has new starter and battery.

There is no power to anything. I had replaced the starter and all seemed well as I went about my errands, but when I stopped at the third store I came out and it won't start. No interior lights, no clicking, just nothing. The battery is good, wires all appear good, new starter. HELP

Already had it to the repair shop and the dealer. Recharged with Freon- No difference. Had all the pressures checked - ok.

My girl overt filed my think with laundry. I went to stay the cat and it ran for about 5 seconds. Now it just spins the flywheel. Seems like it is not getting fuel. I wad thinking she may have hit a switch or separated an electrical connection