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Took it to a shop - no can tell me what's wrong -help
My father applied oil to the shift lever and now works perfectly, but now my vehicle won't start; brake lights, brake light switch, neutral safety switch, and starter checked out ok
still starts fine, but check engine light blinks
Car won't stay started unless I give it gas and keep the rpm at 3000+for a few minutes. What is causing this. Just had the knock sensor and thermostat replaced. Engine is knocking while I try to get it started but t...
check engine light came on. egr valve code and knock sensor code came on. egr valve replaced and 2 injectors but gas still leaking and sometimes white smoke comes out of the tail pipe than it clears up. i was also i...
I did all the necessary repair needed for my 1996 Infiniti I30t check engine light which was my upstream o2 sensors, i then clear the code, i've been driving for over 3 weeks now and all my readiness monitors has rese...
my 96 infinity I30 crankshaft position sensor needs to be replaced how should it take to replace it
usually you use a clamp to compress the cylinder or a wrench to screw in but I've tried both ways and they are not compreeing
Have found the part to remove but cannot locate the clamp repair manual says it there...removed one screw and it rotates but cannot find clamp to release it....any suggestions?? please!!