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While driving my 2005 G35 I had intermittent episodes of ALL instrumentation panel lights and radio go off for a split second and came back up. (I see SLIP + VDC off and all those come up temporarily) then revs back...
Recently (2 weeks ago) had the crankshaft and cam sensors replaced. Car ran ok. Car died out. Mechanic says getting CAN codes now U1000 & U10001. Any chance it has to do with how they replaced the sensors? Thanks.
I'm in a need of a tranny and found an 04 coupe one for my 05 car wondering if it would fit my 05 g35 coupe
What's a better fail price for this labor - intensive work?
Car has been beeping a lot lately, (not the horn), and now the doors don't stay locked. I don't know what's wrong
Appeared that the car was getting harder to start especially when it was hot, I thought I was just thinking it was getting harder and didn't do anything. About 2 weeks passed by and I thought I noticed the engine surg...
Since I brought the car a month ago the fuel gauge has never gone to full, even though I have fill the tank completely. What should I do?
Are there general patterns for when wheel bearings need replacement such as specific mileage or in relation to other services / repairs? (i.e. brake replacement, etc.)
I went over a speed bump to fast and the impact broke the exhaust pipe from the muffler right at the point where the muffler and exhasut pipe meet. It's clearly loud but I can live with that until I get it fixed. My w...
Have Infiniti 2005 G35 and it has the slip light,,vdc light come on ,,with the service car light. It won't stall, but it will creep slowly after lights come on and so far it has happened when it has rained. We took i...
i have a sqeak whle turninf in the frontend of car
Is it necessary to fix? i haven't had any steering issues, it just makes a noise when i go over a bump