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G35 2007 Sedan : Replacing the drivers side window switch panel. I have the part and looking to how to replace. Do I pry the cover off that covers the switch ? I don't see any screws to remove. Thanks

Replaced head gasket no power hard to start

My wife bottomed out and ripped this and the bolts out of the underneath. 90,000+ miles. Do I need this or did it serve its purpose in not damaging the exhaust??

I was recently told by the dealership at Infiniti that my transmission needed to be replaced. My car is a 2007 G35 with 53,000 miles. I purchased the vehicle 6 years ago, and during that time I put a little less than 23,000 miles on the car. The vehicle has been serviced exclusively by the Infiniti dealership that I purchased the car from. Since 2011, while under warranty it has been documented that I have consistently heard a humming sound while accelerating. This complaint was made 3 times while under warranty, each time the cause of the noise was attributed to something other than the transmission. Recent research has led me to discover that the noise could have been an early warning sign of a faulty transmission. I am seeking advice on how I can effectively advocate for myself. The vehicle has a Blue Book value of less than $8000. A transmission from the dealership will cost $7500, paying for this repair is not an option. If the noise was an early indication of a faulty transmission, do I have a case for the dealership to pay for the repairs or provide me compensation?

my fuel door wont open ,i have never had this happen, seems like there may be a switch in side panel holding door from being opened

fan starts after 10 mins or so

it be dong this for about 3 or 4
weeks it use to go off after I
started knowit stas on

I just need to know where it is so I can take a look at it. Thanks!

Light is on says slip. Car shuts down just normal driving along

After bleeding my clutch while in the air on jack stands I raised the car in the air to see if my gears would Engage and wheels would spin. When in 1st gear the engine shook and my wheels barely spinned and stoped. Can this mean I installed it incorrectly ? Also to note I've read when In the air to turn off VCD , can that be the reason why my wheels won't spin properly or can the reason be because my pilot bushing was installed wrong ? Please let me know

The problem occurs every 2-3 weeks

It feels like the car is really heavy and it's trying to take off then it feels like it catches on something then will start going, not like normal just a little faster. And if it doesn't catch I can barley push the accelerator and the revs go crazy but the car goes no where, it happens every time I drive it. And I think the radiator fan is broken it makes a lot of noises and there is a hose type thing connected to the engine and it has a rip in it its like styrofoam or weird bendy material

I have a P0430 code and I want to replace the cats

Light started flashing. Removed pinchmoter cleaned code ones still not working. The gas gauge will make from off position to empty and stop, help!!

My engine builder has had two new engines fail, one with 580miles, the other with 1860miles, and is warrantying the second engine but is telling me that my cats are bad and led to this second engine failure. I told them that I suspected that the first engine's bolts were overtorqued (cam seals and valve cover seals leaked from the start, at 580miles the rod bearings were so ground down that the oil filter was full of metal shavings, not to mention it never ran quite right. When the second engine failed, I suggested that they didn't flush out the oil cooler, or replace it, which led to the failure. After two weeks of inspection as to the cause, my mechanic is having me replace the oil cooler and the builder is saying the catalytic converters are bad and caused the failure. The car passed emissions three months ago, before the OE engine failure and all this nonsense. Having said all of that, I've had cats fail before to where they were so clogged the engine wouldn't run, but it caused no permenant engine damage. I've never heard of bad catalytic converters causing engine damage and I used to build race engines for a race car shop, have worked at other independent shops and I studied cars for three years in Auto VoTech classes during high school and received an AA from WyoTech. So I'm just curious if anybody has heard anything like this relating to the G35 specifically.

Frequent and intermittent stalling with check engine, slip and VDC off light appearing.

When the jerking began I though it was the wind gusting against my car pushing it to the right but it is a constant issue now. I have to maintain a strong grip on the wheel to keep the car under control and reduce speed.
The noise is difficult to describe. My son said it sounds like an animal is caught in the trunk.

I can drive for miles with my blinker on. I used to get a warning sound, reminding me to turn it off. Is there a way to correct yhis?

Hello. I have a problem with my audio in Infiniti G35x 2004 sedan. First of all it doesent find any radio station, it keep on seeking without ending. I dont know about tape but CD is the only thing thats working but still not as it suppose to. The CD starts working after i switch ignition but the audio quality is terrible, it gets better after starting the engine. But thats not everything, the audio quality gets really bad randomly, sometimes it is like that from the beggining, sometimes it gets bad after the car makes a little hop or when i touch it, but it also happen just by itself. It gets better after I tap or punch the radio panel. I triend to dissemby and put it back into one piece, i checked the wires but it didnt help. The wierd thing I found out is that my voltage meter shows a little voltage on the radio casing and a little bit on the car body. The car was a bit damaged in the rear so the window could be replaced, I bought it like that so i dont know what was done, and as far as I know the antenna is located in the rear window.
Does anyone know what can be the issue?
Do you guy have a diagram where the antenna wire goes? I would also be grateful for a diagram with all the radio plus wires voltage sa I could chcech if everyting is alright over there.

The A/C and Radio recently stopped working in my 2003 Infiniti G35. I have had a diagnoses done and the dealership could not find a solution to the problem. The check engine soon light would not go off either.