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Recently (2 weeks ago) had the crankshaft and cam sensors replaced. Car ran ok. Car died out. Mechanic says getting CAN codes now U1000 & U10001. Any chance it has to do with how they replaced the sensors? Thanks.
I'm in a need of a tranny and found an 04 coupe one for my 05 car wondering if it would fit my 05 g35 coupe
What's a better fail price for this labor - intensive work?
Car has been beeping a lot lately, (not the horn), and now the doors don't stay locked. I don't know what's wrong
I'm looking to upgrade my radio from standard that comes with the car to a upgraded model that has navigation with touch screen. Is this possible to do in my 2008? Not sure because of the electronic wiring and all.
Appeared that the car was getting harder to start especially when it was hot, I thought I was just thinking it was getting harder and didn't do anything. About 2 weeks passed by and I thought I noticed the engine surg...
Hook it up to the diagnosis and no signals pop up
Since I brought the car a month ago the fuel gauge has never gone to full, even though I have fill the tank completely. What should I do?
P0011 Took IVT soleniod off passenger side can this be the problem. Car still run very good no issues.
I've recently replaced 6 spark plugs and the 3 coil in the 3 cylinder. I have also put seafoam twice in my gas tank and yet, I'm still getting an error code. Any suggestions on what I could do next?
I was told it was the tire rod but its not could it be the u-joint or the differential shaft gone bad
This car uses two different tire sizes for front and rear. What do owners do to rotate?
I was driving my car down a hill when I tried to accelerate. My car was in 40 mph and a little over 3rpms. It acts like it doesn't want to accelerate. ...I had no signs of issues before today.
My car will not going over 4000rpms neither in tiptronic mode nor will it accelerate over 2nd gear. The acceleration is also really slow.
I just Replaced the electronic throttle actuator (due to code p1121) now its idleing too high and my check engine came back on with code P0507. I did some research and I think I need to have it reprogramed or do a rel...
I'm wondering if its an electric motor or if seat is just off the track. Seat moves up, down fine, recline also working. I had heard that the is 3 different motor mounted under the seat. And that it is hard to access...
this is what I got from the dealer but I haven't found it as yet in this section under the checklist. dealer description of problem- replace rear timing cover and related gaskets (found rear timing cover gaskets is...
Changed spark plugs and found oil build up on one of the spark plugs. Help finding the issue...
added treatment after I thought it was bad gas and still sputters, runs after bit fine then start after stopping it sputters again
Have seen three mechanics in which - compressor and electrical problems. Constantly blows hot air. The heater didn't work in winter - relay switch replaced. I'm frustrated with car problems and don't know what to do.
3 times now new wires new battery last time vdc light showed this time the battery and brake light showed my tire sensor light is on was told the sensor isn't installed never had issues untill old battery that was sma...