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Hook it up to the diagnosis and no signals pop up
P0011 Took IVT soleniod off passenger side can this be the problem. Car still run very good no issues.
I've recently replaced 6 spark plugs and the 3 coil in the 3 cylinder. I have also put seafoam twice in my gas tank and yet, I'm still getting an error code. Any suggestions on what I could do next?
3 times now new wires new battery last time vdc light showed this time the battery and brake light showed my tire sensor light is on was told the sensor isn't installed never had issues untill old battery that was sma...
Thinking of buying a 2004 g35 coupe. Vent control valve need to be replaced. is it urgent? should the car still be purchased?
when I put the car in gear and release clutch the car goes no where
the diagnostic code is po340 and po175
but no check engine or ABS light. also at times b 4 the light comes on I feel what seems to be the front especially left brake apply and the electric motor come on and off then the slip/ vdc off lights come on and it ...
try twice then it started, today i went to work got there early engine off i was listening to the radio then 10 minutes pass and the radio when off and car would not start my friend try to start jump it and it would n...
It will move back and forth and down, but not up. ANy suggestions on how to begin to trouble shoot will be helpful.
engine lite is on what services should i get done to this ?