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I just Replaced the electronic throttle actuator (due to code p1121) now its idleing too high and my check engine came back on with code P0507. I did some research and I think I need to have it reprogramed or do a rel...
Changed spark plugs and found oil build up on one of the spark plugs. Help finding the issue...
The ac stays at 60 degrees. we diagnosed it, the customer brought the new computer to be installed. with new ac computer board in it does nothing. does the computer have to be programmed prior to install?
the car drives don't shift out of first gear
still no spark on 1 3 5 put coils in fixed some wires what else could it be?
have no spark on right side of Eng. cly. 1 3 5
in my car there a sign flashing .... a man on the car seat with a balloon in front ,,, what does it means
My car had trouble starting the other day. It was parked on a sloped driveway for about a week and when I tried starting it today, it took about 10-15 turns for it to finally start. I'm thinking maybe the car is low o...
My '03 G35 is using a quart of oil every 1,000 miles - it is not leaking oil anywhere that's visible. Anyone have this problem - and how did you solve it?