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the ignition sticks when i turn the car off and i have to really play with it to shut off
My Fx35 is having starting issues and it seems cold weather makes it 10x worse. The car will turn over but will not start completely. Usually takes 3-4 cranking cycles to fully start (will start on 2nd 3rd time but wi...
All other instrument appear to be working fine.
MY lower arm was replaced but still i have some sound from the same side any ideas?
I just did maintenance on my infiniti fx35 and they change oil, belts, replace lower arm....450$total is it expensive?
Tonight my car didn't start. Everything came on just as it usually would except the engine. The only sound I heard was a high spinning sound which I believe is the starter motor spinning but not engaging the engine. I...
steering wheel shakes when i used the brake. I was told i needed front rotor replacements. I wantd to know hoe much money i will be spending.
how do i turn of the service engine soon light