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the ignition sticks when i turn the car off and i have to really play with it to shut off
Atf light on delay shifting after stop
When I get into the drivers seat, it rocks back when I lean back. Could there be a screw that is loose? According the dealer, I need a seat track replacement ($1140) and both front lower control arms ($1420). That'...
I had both my seat airbag and side curtain deploy. I fixed car and replaced airbag. What else needs to be done to have them work again?
My Fx35 is having starting issues and it seems cold weather makes it 10x worse. The car will turn over but will not start completely. Usually takes 3-4 cranking cycles to fully start (will start on 2nd 3rd time but wi...
bad switch. where can I get this fixed. Dealership too expensive.
one of the gauges is telling me 0 miles to empty with caution light on, the gas gauge is on E but the tank is at least 1/2 full.
about a 2 week when i start my car it was hesitant to start but it would start a had the alternator, battery and starter all check out fine.
I recently heard from an ex Infiniti service person that now works at a break shop that the massive deteriation of my dash with bubbles and holes is a factory defect. Anyone heard this?
My car has a permanent "engine service on" which I do notice when I speed the there is loud roaring noice from the bunnet engine. Second is that I notice the car is consuming very high fuel.I had my airfilter changed...
it happened twice last two months...during a ride, just suddenly all electronics (dashboard, head lights, radio, doors) shut off but the car was still running...once, the car stopped and put in parking mode, was enabl...
Is it necessary to replace Radiator when it leaks? I'm told I have many cracks in it and that I can either order manufacturers replacement or a generic one which runs approximately 25% less as a job with labor include...
All other instrument appear to be working fine.
MY lower arm was replaced but still i have some sound from the same side any ideas?
I just did maintenance on my infiniti fx35 and they change oil, belts, replace lower arm....450$total is it expensive?
There is a paperclip jammed in the track & I Can't Adjust the seat
I turned the ignition and the ignition switch would not rotate and the green key light blinked on the dash. I tried my other intelligent key and it also would not work. New battery in the car a week ago and new batt...
i can open ir if i crawl thur back seat what could be the problem?
Is there a fuse for the front passenger seat of 2004 infinity FX35. All of the other buttons work but the one that lends the seat back