Honda CR-V Problem Report

Honda CR-V IMT Valve Position Sensor

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ck engine light comes on due to a IMT valve position sensor circuit, a diagnois was performed on auto. What does this do? how much to repair? -
Engine services light went on. -
Engine light came on. Connected reader to OBD II plug. Read code P1077. Not yet fixed. -
Can I still drive with this sensor out I am suppose to go on vacation this weekend do I need to get this fixed ASAP or can it wait?? Thank you driving from california to oregon -
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I pulled a p1077 code at AutoZone. Definition: IMRC valve stuck short. Probable cause: Check...
Code P0661 shows low voltage to sensor.
The engine valves can prematurely fail. The cylinder head will need to be replaced due to wear...
Ok so I have had this problem for months. First, my check engine came on and the reader told me...