Audi A4 Problem Report

Audi A4 Engine Misfire Due to Failed Ignition Coil, Spark Plug, or Ignition Wire

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An ignition coil or spark plug may fail unexpectedly resulting in an engine misfire and possible illumination of the Check Engine Light. Vehicles equipped with spark plug wires may also develop a misfire caused by a failed spark plug wire.

first one ignition coil failed and then after replacing it, in few months, the other 3 failed. after replacing them, few weeks later found out that it's on a recall and it's covered under warranty. I'll try to get money back from audi usa. -
Started when I was leaving work. Check engine light was blinking and car engine was misfiring. I drove it 25 miles to the dealer. It was ignition coil which cost me $280.00 -
i had three out of four ignition coils go bad on me. Audi came out with a recall on this, so bring your car in to them and they will pay for it it this has happened to you. -
my car is shaking bad it was fine the day before it it was running really good !! i went to advance auto parts they said its a misfire in the fourth cylinder i dont know what to do !! i parked the car i havent used it since I wanna know how much would it cost where can i repair it i live in lakeland 33801 am i screwed or is it easy to fix ? -
Engine misfiring. Technician replaced ignition coils. Running fine now, but this occurred 1 day after picking up the vehicle from a $2,400 75K service call. -
I just bought my 06 audi a4 turbo and I knew that I was going to have issues after it died on me. I am a mechanic and I also had a hard time finding the issue. Car would die after being stopped for a brief period of time. It had a rough idle also. Sometimes the battery light would come on then turn off. No codes were found. I know better then that. I bought four new spark plugs and four new ignition coils for just over 120 dollars. If you had half a brain you could do it your self. Just unscrew the two screws that hold your ignition coils to the head gaskets cover. Pull all four ignition coils up at the same time. Unplug all four tabs holding the coils and place all new coils back on the tabs. Also take the old spark plugs out and put the new ones in. Then put it all back together. Also the MAF need to clean with intake cleaner it most likely dirty. Change air box filter to. Should help a ton. -
I inserted a spark plug into a pulled but live coil, grounded body of plug and observed spark on each coil seperately while engine was running on the other 3 cyl. Having found the bad coil I switched it with the feed wire from another cyl. to prove it was the coil and not the wiring. Two weeks later a second coil failed. A week later the remaining two coils showed a weak spark and were replaced. Probably best to replace all coils at one time. -
I've replaced two ignition coils already. The mechanic showed me how to do it myself, because the part is easy to replace and they apparently fail in succession (i.e.: replace one and the others are more likely to fail). You need to test each connection individually to see which coil has failed (the engine will rev with a different sound on the faulty one) and pop in the new coil. Done. -
Rough Idle, Check Engine light, misfire code, one failed coilpack. Replaced all 4 coilpacks - no more problems. -
Only verified as a misfire in one cylinder digitally -
At idle the car shakes pretty badly, the RPM's jump, at times the check engine light flashes. After driving for a period of time, it may settle, but not always. -
I have the same problem do you have a link with the recall by Audi? i dont -
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