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Recently I noticed that while driving my car would "unlock"on its on and would not lock back. Shortly after that, I had sluggish battery and then drained battery. I had the battery replaced and then noticed that the...
I plugged in my electric tire pump not realizing that its power cord was "shorted". Since I had put air in 3 tires and was starting to fill the 4th tire, I didn't know that its power cord had just shorted out. I tri...
The owners manual says the coolant has to be changed every 2 years or 60,000 miles In 2 years I only had 10,000 miles and the dealer wanted to change it. How often do I need Wheel Alignment?
engine oil viscosity recommened for 3.3L engine
Does the 2009 Hyundai azera gls 3.3liter engine have a timing chain?