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My front seat passenger side is electronic and it will not work. It's stuck in the forward most position and nobody can sit in the car. Could it be a fuse? if so, where is the fuse panel? I looked under the hood and n...
The passenger seat wont go in the back position. Is this a fuse? When I put the car into reverse its makes an awful grinding noise that I am assuming is the rear screen. What can be done about this?
Front of seat is stable while the back of the seat bounces up when you get out of it and goes down when you sit in it. Is there a latch that hold the rear of the seat down that may have come undone?
The memory seat for setting one will not bring the seat forward.
The brake pedal appears soft and depresses more than normal before engaging the brakes. I had the master cylinder changed and the brakes serviced but the pedal is still softer than I'm used to. What can the problem ...
Had to jump car off the other night. Think cables were crossed at some point because some fuses blew. I've replaced a fuse under hood and checked the two fuses that control audio in the inner panel. All fine. Car cran...
The top two buttons on the key fob work just fine. The lever that normally opens the trunk on the driver side door isn't working either. Anyone experience this same problem?
i bought used Nov/2006 azera with the following problems : 1- remote control is missing 2- curios control is not working . 3- media remote control is not working . it's first owner had driver side accident year...
I will need new brakes. What is the approximate cost?
This is a used car,which we bought in 2009 with 2800 miles on it. It rides ok but I know it could be better so I just want a qoute.
what wieght oil is used for this car