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I have a 2006 Hyundai Accent. Went to take in for 60,000 mile scheduled maintenance. Was told that they couldn't get the hood open and that it could possibly cost an additional $200 or more depending on what is brok...
We replaced purge valve but seems to be doing same thing. Should we see immediate improvement ?
A month ago I removed and replaced the battery to be charged. Upon replacing it I do not think I did it completely properly. Also, two days ago my husband power washed the engine at a car wash and the car has not been...
Do I have to replaced the whole front hub or can I replace just the bearings. I have been told both ways.
When ordering parts I need to know Shoes or Pads & Drums or Roters.
I'm getting P2096 and P0420, should I have the CAT replaced or replace the 02 Sensor first to see if that clears problem, if sensor first, which one?
How do I replace the door handle on the drivers door?
how do i remove the door panel to front passenger door. accent 2006
can i repair my compressor. they used to have a clutch tha could be replaced it the compressor wasn't kicking in.
i removed my catalytic converter and was wondering how to tell if it is plugged up. i was also wondering if there is anyway to clean it while i have it removed