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Key won't turn ignition. It acts like its frozen
I had the transmission replaced. now the tranny shop wants the computer from the same car. I need to pull the computer at the junk yard. I'm no mechani.
brake system is full off brake liquid and has no other problems. Engine number G4EC. 101hp
Just wondering if you guys would know how much it cost to get fixed?
no reverse at all pulled in drive and would not back up any more
I need to find a good shop/mechanic in my area need brakes and reg maintenance done on car honest does good work
Wont run unless spray aero start in throttle but wont keep running
The other day I was using my wipers and I heard a snap and they some how came loose from what's making them move. I'm not a big car guy but I can do simple fixes. I checked the nuts holding the arms down and they are ...
the coil pack to the spark plugs so i was if anybody could help me out with and is there any way to test a coil pack on it
drive cycle test all performed excepte evap monitor and catalyic converter
fourth cylinder used to tap when started but would stop when warmed up. it sat for a while and when i started it it taps loud and constant. what is it?