Dodge Stratus Problem Report

Dodge Stratus Heating & Air Conditioning Fan unit only works in certain positions

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If the Heating A/C fan only works in certain positions ie. 3&4 but not 1 or 2. You most likely need a new blower motor resistor.

Fan only works on Nbr 4 setting there is a video about it with clear details how easy it is to change the Fan Resistor....the part is $18.50 or so at NAPA Auto Parts...easy fix I think I will try it myself :) I am 51 yr old woman with no mechanical skills video shows you just need 8 mm socket with extension and flash light. Removing part is not hard it appears on the video from -
The A/C and heater only work on the high setting. Settings 1, 2, & 3 dont work -
its a blower motor resistor under $50 for part and takes 15 minutes to do it yourself -
Air Conditioner/ Heat Switch only works on high setting. -
A/C & heater does not work on settings 1&2 only work on 3&4. -
Spark plug tubes leak leaving an oil stain on the plugs which turns to a carbon trace which partially shorts out the plugs, robs the engine of power and dumps raw gas into the cataletic converter which causes it to overheat & fail. -
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