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I replace the gas cap but the light still keeps going on and off
is this normal, should i get it looked @ while its warrented thank you.
Scrapping and when u put Ty our foot on the break to take it out of gear you hear a pop
i tried to swich off and reswich it on again but still nothing change, tried to check oils also every thing is fine. i dont know why gear not shifting to down to R or N ..ect. be noted that the gear's arm is moving bu...
stabilitrak warning light , traction control warning light service airbag ,brake service , service brake monitoring system please tell what the reason for that REGARD
This has happened twice this year when towing my RV on a hot day. Both times left me stranded on a busy interstate and second time on a busy highway. It will not restart for about 45 minutes, then was able to drive ho...
Checked to see if it was my tire but it wasn't.
Said it would be costly because they had to drop the engine or powertrain or something, to get to the oil pan gasket
I was advised that I need Rear Axle Bearings replaced on my Yukon for sure. Can you give me a price range of what I am looking to pay for this type of service with labor.